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We run a transparently holistic and interactive smart Customs-Brokerage tailored to the needs and aspirations of our clients for hedge-free timely cargo delivery.

Unlike regular agents, our work is digital. As a result, we work from all seaports/airports in Nigeria with less human interface. You must not meet with us to get your job done.

The difference is in this respect; other agents are procedural, we are object (Customer) oriented.

Our physical offices are at NPA Port Harcourt Nigeria and 1 Commercial Building Apapa Lagos Nigeria. We have our physical environment well designed, equipped with all manner of modern appliances for an ultramodern office complex. So that our client does not need to look elsewhere to duplicate papers, scan, fax or do any other job. We have intentionally painted the interior with multiple colors to attract those who love beauty and art.

The chilling air-conditional makes our office a safe-haven for the high sun characteristic of the environment. The free coffee offered to clients, and the bag of popcorn given is yet other freebies that adds to the overall ambience.

Phone: +2349075526276


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