Our Team

Our General Manager posses UK Master’s Degree in Oil and Gas Information Technology. He also have Bachelor of Technology Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering. Being a highly ambitious, business-oriented and reliable person, with mastery of the operations and syntax of the oil and gas and the shipping industry. He gained his experience from many years of working with oil and gas, and logistics companies. Having played roles such as senior documentation officer, logistics manager, and HR, he is ably qualified to the GM role..

Our operations manager is a former Customs Officer with the best hands-on-tool knowledge.

Our field clearing agents are experts made of senior men in the logistics business including retired Customs officers who deliver before stipulated schedule.

Our clerical staff are made of excellent computer typists and receptionists with a minimum of 5 years document handling.

Our ICT/IT teams are made up experienced software designers, bloggers and networking persons, who have the right know-how in the online world.